01 AUG
Building your dreams

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Dreams are eventually reality when you purchase a house that makes you happy. This is where The Vivnasaa group makes a difference. They have started their project in Pune which is located very close to major IT hubs.The Vivansaa is one of the best real estate builders and developers in Pune and located in Kasarsai, Marunji Road in the district of Hinjewadi. This is one of the prominent areas which is not very far from Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

The current project by The Vivansaa, one of the best builders and developers in Pune is strategically located near places for daily livelihood and conditions. A fine property located in lush green pastures makes it good for a good environment to live in.

The Vivansaa is one of the best real estate builder and developers for NRI in Pune as well. Non-residents from the Arab Gulf and the United Kingdom are keenly awaiting the new project to be completed.

A good investment option is in the cards since Pune is a high rise city when it comes to building the economy of India. Plenty of IT hubs is building up the city, therefore increasing the employment opportunity. Eventually, this will create a better association when non-residents of Pune will come in.

Pune is the next big city that will make a difference and The Vivansaa is here to associate you the new and improved city.